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Preparations to Return to the US from Italy

The information and guidance below was provided to all students returning from Italy: 

Good Afternoon,
As many students prepare for their return flights back to the US. I want to review a few items so we are up to date on the latest information.
The first Item I want to emphasize and confirm is that students will return to their homes after they arrive back in the US.  You will not report to campus nor should you plan on moving back on to campus.  This is primarily because you do not have RWU housing accommodations assigned to you this semester.  But also, we are requesting you to minimize contact with the campus community for a period of time which leads me to my second point.
As of January 17, the CDC has only implemented screening procedures for passengers arriving from China.  The CDC is now considering increasing the level of screening performed at airports but this has not been implemented as of this writing.  We are asking all students coming back from Italy to self-quarantine for a minimum of 14 days and during that time monitor for any viral symptoms.  Of course seek medical assistance if you feel ill and experience worsening symptoms.

Lastly, for the students who had arranged for their own flights to Italy in January, you should plan to rebook your own return flight based on the issued tickets you had.  If you run into any issues booking a return flight you can use the Advantage travel flight rebooking link that was sent.  The important thing is to ensure that you have travel plans in place.

Please contact the Spiegel Center with any questions or if you need any assistance.

Kevin Hayden