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Why Study Abroad?

"It is absolutely imperative that American students study abroad all over the world, in all fields, in high-quality programs, and in far greater numbers than today."
- Richard W. Riley former U.S. Secretary of Education
Employers today recognize and value the intercultural and global competencies that students acquire through the study abroad experience.  Put simply, it makes “good business sense” to have culturally literate employees.
  • Students who go abroad are exposed to challenges that significantly hone their ability to work in diverse environments, to accommodate “difference,” and to adjust quickly to unexpected changes. 
  • They display an emotional resilience that allows them to perform under pressure, an increased flexibility and a willingness to adapt … all skills that will set them apart from other candidates for a career position.

Aside from the career benefits, students also benefit personally.  A greater sense of independence and the realization of what you are truly capable of are just some of the benefits to studying abroad. Many students say that studying abroad is a once in a lifetime opportunity and for many it may be.  We encourage students to explore this opportunity and embrace all that you can learn by studying abroad.

Destinations...  RWU Brings You the World!

The Spiegel Center offers a multitude of opportunities for students at Roger Williams University to gain a global perspective through study, living and experience abroad.  We’ve carefully assessed the myriad of program options available to US students and created a list of RWU Flagship Programs and RWU Affiliated Programs that have demonstrated, over time, a proven track record for academic integrity and an earned reputation for excellence in providing solid support services to students throughout the study abroad cycle.