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How to Apply

Participation in education abroad programs is a privilege and not a right. Acceptance into these programs is based on many factors including completed admission applications, adherence to deadlines, academic record, references, and judicial history. Maturity, clarity of purpose and personal commitment must be demonstrated in the application process and personal interactions with the Spiegel Center staff.

Semester Study Abroad Programs

Eligibility Requirements
  • Admission to a Roger Williams University (RWU) study abroad program is based on good academic standing, dean/advisor approval, meeting all judicial standards requirements, a completed application with associated forms.
  • Minimum GPA requirements will vary from 2.5 to a 3.0. Check the specific program's website or with the Spiegel Center for Global and International Programs for individual program cumulative GPA requirements. 
  • Some faculty led programs will have course prerequisites to be eligible.
  • Some faculty led programs do have restrictions according to class year (Junior, Senior, etc)
  • Some semester programs do have a minimum number of credits completed to be eligible.

Start an Online Profile and Application
Even before you are ready to study abroad, it is beneficial to visit our study abroad portal so you can access study abroad program information, scholarship information, communicate with study abroad advisors, get invited to information sessions and presentations, and make the study abroad office aware of your interest in study abroad.  By completing your online profile, you will be able to access all of the information you will need to move ahead with the process.

(Please note that for many of our Semester-based Study Abroad Programs, you will be required to complete application materials for the program host in addition to the required RWU materials.) 

Meet with your academic advisor as soon as possible to discuss a semester abroad. This step is important in determining which semester will work best for you and which courses you need to focus on to graduate.

You must follow RWU's deadlines for application and NOT those of the affiliate program that you are applying to:

Semester Deadlines

  • Spring Programs = October 1
  • Fall Programs = March 1
  • ALL Architecture Programs for the following academic year = March 1

Semester Credit Info
When selecting study abroad courses, you will need to have RWU course equivalents assigned. It is your responsibility to take the course descriptions to the appropriate department for equivalency determination.

  • When selecting courses for a study abroad program, make sure you also select at least 4 alternative courses as well.

Keep in Mind
Study abroad is a privilege and not a right. Your ability to participate in a semester-long sponsored/affiliate program is based on your application, reference, academic record and judicial history.

Program costs, including deposits, are based on RWU fees (and NOT those of the sponsoring/affiliate program) and are paid directly to RWU. Nothing should be paid to our affiliated program sponsors. Additional costs may apply to specific programs and/or courses. Check with the Spiegel Center for more information.

Short-Term Faculty-led Study Abroad Programs
Step 1: Check Eligibility
Only enrolled students in good academic and judicial standing are eligible to participate in RWU Faculty-Led study abroad programs. Students will be subject to a final grade review to confirm eligibility. In addition, students must meet any other requirements faculty may have listed such as a minimum GPA, Course, swim test, or other.
First-year students are not eligible to participate in Winter Intersession programs unless their request to participate receives the necessary approvals.
Step 2: Select a Program
Students are encouraged to explore all the short-term faculty-led program opportunities available. We highly advise students to meet with or contact program faculty directly regarding their interest in participating and applying to a specific program.  
*Before applying, please review SCGIP's study abroad policies.

Step 3: Apply

Application for a Program
All students must complete and submit an online application as part of the online application process. Students apply online at the Spiegel Center Abroad office website. Students interested in attending the program should apply by the stated application deadline for the term in which they would like to study abroad for priority consideration. Students who apply after the application deadline will be considered if there is space available on a first come, first -serve basis. The application consists of some essay questions so we advise students to not wait until the last minute to apply.
Note: Under certain circumstances programs may require students to submit a $500 deposit along with their application in order for faculty to secure housing for the program immediately after the application deadline. In all other cases, a $500 deposit is due after a student is accepted to a program.

Faculty Led Program Application Deadlines

  • Winter = October 1
  • Spring Break = November 1
  • Summer = October 1

Application for a Scholarship
All students applying for a Short-Term Study Abroad program may apply for the “Bridging the World” scholarship and the “Global Engagement Scholarship”. These applications are found within the program application under the “Application Instructions” panel so that students apply for a scholarship(s) at the same time they apply to a program. The Bridging the World Scholarship is based solely on academic performance or based on a combination academic performance and financial need. The Global Engagement Scholarship is a need-based scholarship only based on the applicant's FAFSA score. Students should be informed if they have received a scholarship(s) before they must submit their $500 deposit. NOTE: Since the Global Engagement scholarship is solely based on financial need and these funds are limited, only students who submit their application to study abroad by the application deadline for their specific study abroad term may be considered.

Bridging the World Scholarship Application Deadline

Winter = Rolling
Spring Break = Rolling
Summer = Rolling

Global Engagement Scholarship Application Deadline

Winter = October 1
Summer = October 1
Step 4: Confirm Accepted or Waitlisted Status
Accepted and Waitlisted students will be notified of their status shortly after the application deadline and informed of next steps. Accepted students will be required to submit their $500 non-refundable deposit to confirm their acceptance.

Payments can be made:

  • Directly to the Bursar's Office on campus
  • Online through the Student Account Center (Student must still go to the Bursar's office and fill out a transfer form to transfer the funds to the correct program and term)
  • Over the phone 800.722.4867 Billing Service Tuition System (Student must still go to the Bursar's office and fill out a transfer form to transfer the funds to the correct program and term)

Waitlisted students can hold off on making a deposit until they are accepted to the program. Confirmed students must pay the remainder of the program fee by the stated final balance deadline. Failure to make the deposits by the stated deadlines or to communicate with faculty or Spiegel Center staff regarding late payments may result in a student’s removal from the program list. This is to be fair to any students who are on the waitlist.
Both Accepted and Waitlisted students are required to complete all post-decision requirements for the program.