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Welcome Back to campus! Contact the Spiegel Center to let us help with your Study Abroad Plans...
With the start of the fall semester and the ongoing pandemic conditions we are dealing with, study abroad programming continues to face challenges and uncertainty.  Currently we have suspended all fall and winter study abroad programs due to the travel restrictions and COVID-19 risks that still persist. 

We are monitoring conditions to see if spring 2021 semester programs will be available to students. In order to plan for spring 2021 semester participation, we have opened up program applications for students to apply to.  Please visit the program pages for application links. 

We are currently preparing our summer 2021 short term, faculty-led programs and will have those posted and open for applications by the end of September.  More information will be coming on those.

If you would like to meet with the Spiegel Center to begin the planning process for studying abroad please contact us at  We are able to meet virtually or in person my appointment.